Sunday, August 15, 2010


Let's talk a bit about what I said yesterday, huh?

In case you don't know, a thinny is a term coined by Stephen King in his Dark Tower series that basically refers to a place where the fabric of the world(s) is thin, and things often slip from one dimension, realm, or even time, in these places.

Now, before I go any further, let me be perfectly clear: I am Christian, and as a result, I believe in Heaven, in Hell, in the afterlife. I also believe that sometimes, shit happens. I believe there's more in the world that we'd all like to believe, to make our lives easier. I'm open minded, not ignorant.

So a month ago, when I was walking home from the grocery store, in the slowly fading dusk...

...when I heard a strange sound, the kind that set my teeth to clenching, my ears to singing, my eyes to watering? I knew it wasn't just a passing truck. At first I thought it might be an electrical current or something - you know, if you get too close to a strong powerline? It must've been an invisible one. It wasn't a plane, I don't have fillings, no metal rods of any kind, in fact, and I was decidedly at a loss. It didn't last long - 30 seconds at the most - and I wrote it off. No big deal. Weird noise. Carry on, Rook.

My wayward son, I took myself home.

A week later, same thing happens. It wasn't night time - in fact, it was broad daylight(which was a good thing. We'll get to that.), I'd guess...2 p.m.? Somewhere around there. The sound really set me on edge again; not afraid, but it's a very nerve-wracking sound - it just seems to go straight to your bones. In fact: you know that feeling you get in the corners of your jaws, when you bite into a really good steak, or piece of fruit? I got that feeling; my mouth flooded with saliva.

So while this is happening, while I'm standing there, plastic bags in hand, trying to will away the headache to end all headaches, I notice something. There's this man, walking out of the woods that line are the northern end of the empty lot. I guess what surprised me was not the fact that he was there, but...

There's a dude(a tall dude, I might add), coming out of woods in an empty lot, dressed in a black suit in July. It just struck me as all kinds of weird, you know? It made zero sense to me. And even moreso was the fact I didn't hear him. Sure, I had heard that sound, but it was a sound you feel more than hear; I should've heard some guy tromping in the woods, you know? Irregardless, I didn't get the best look at him - and I'm pretty sure he didn't see me at all, he was facing the west.

So what does this have to do with a thinny?

...He took two steps forward, and vanished.


I'll post a crude sketch of the lot and where I/he was sometime later, to give a better idea of things.

Warning: It will be no Michaelangelo.

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