Saturday, November 27, 2010

You Can Change Your Face, But Can't Change Your Mind

Have you ever had one of those moments when you became aware of something involving one of your senses, but you have no explainable reason why? Example: You suddenly become aware of exactly how something sounds, even though you've never heard it before?

Yea. Like that.

Last night, somewhere between 12-2, this happened. I'm not exactly sure what time it was(it gets really, really dark where I live, and I can't see the moon to even get a guestimation, even though I was never a Girl Scout hahah, disregard how I'd know that, I suck cocks, etc). I was sitting at my desk, wrapping up some homework, when I smelled something that literally made me throw up in the trashcan beside me.

Now, I'll be honest: I have smelled some noxious stuff in my life. Once, when I was younger, my mom hit a skunk with the car, and that was seriously horrible. I'm familiar with the odor of burnt hair, and burnt other things(but not flesh, thankfully). I've smelled raw sewage, I've smelled a river with way too much pollution in it, I've smelled a garbage dump, all that, but...

...what I smelled last night was....I don't know, it was like that sort of sulphury swamp smell, and the smell of rancid meat - you know, something in the fridge that has gone distinctly bad. And it wasn't sour, either. Not like, dairy sour. Milk, sour cream, stuff like that has a very particular odor to it. Same as meat that's gone bad - it's got a unique, distinct smell, all it's own. This was like, part bad meat, and part overripe banana, that's gotten too sweet for it's own good.

So imagine sitting there, minding your own business, when you're suddenly surrounded by this cloud of odors: fetid swamp, overripe bananas, rancid meat. All at once - it did not have the courtesy of sneaking up on me, bit by bit, oh no. Just BAM, right there. It was so bad and so sudden that my eyes literally started to water. I have no idea where it came from - I was the only person in the house that was awake. No one had cooked anything, no one had cleaned out the fridge, no one had done anything with garbage or anything.

After horking up my cookies in the trashcan, I got up and stumbled out of my room, down the hallway...and it was gone. The hall was completely free of the odor, and after going into the bathroom and rinsing my mouth out/brushing my teeth, I went back to my room, rag over my nose, in preparation to face the horrendous odor beast, only to find that the smell was not present anymore.

Mind you, part of me was seriously relieved because I'm pretty sure, looking back on it, that had it been there, I'd've gotten sick all over again. That's how bad it was. The other part of me was seriously weirded out, because the fact that the odor was suddenly there, and suddenly gone, did not make me feel better.

Needless to say, I didn't get my homework finished. Almost did - finished it a few hours ago. I just finished going through the house, trying to see if I could find the source of the Very Bad Smell, but there's nothing out of the ordinary, nor have I found any traces of maybe a small mouse or something, that might've gotten in and died - but that's virtually impossible, in this house. There's one door, and no windows in here. I don't see how a mouse could've gotten in.

I guess I should be thankful for that, though. Getting a dead rodent that smells like that out of the house would surely be my undoing. Ugh.

Friday, November 26, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different.

I understand that my last post was about as cryptic as it could get, all things considered, but there's a reason for that.

I didn't want to talk about it.

Pretty simple, mind you, but totally true. Thanksgiving was coming up and I didn't want to spend what is otherwise a perfectly pleasant holiday worrying about something that had scared the everliving shit out of me. It's just bad juju, so to speak.  I did, however, have an amazingly awesome Thanksgiving with great food and great family, and on that front, I couldn't ask for more.

But I've decided to talk about what happened because of last night. Now, no, I didn't see anything. Didn't hear anything, for that matter, but as I was lying down to go to bed, I just got this feeling.

I'm not the type of person to have nightmares - and when I do, they fade so quickly that I rarely remember them anyway. I wasn't the kid that would wake up from night-terrors either. I didn't have issues with closet doors being open, nor did I ever tell my parents that I thought there was a monster under the bed. Last night though, I couldn't shake the feeling that if any of me hung off the bed, something was going to snatch me and drag me beneath it. So I pretty much spent all night positioning myself so that none of me was near the edge of the bed - which isn't easy, as I don't have a very big bed.

So after that, I've decided to write about what happened earlier this week. I'm not doing it to inform people - it's more of one of those things where I'm doing it to get it off my chest, get it out in the open, in hopes of feeling better. I don't know if it will work, but I'm gungho for it anyway, and once I set my mind to something, I generally go for it.

Basically, it was the same place as what happened before - in the lot behind my house, between my street and the grocery store. It was about seven at night - and with winter here, that means it was already dark - but I had run out of Dr. Pepper and seeing as there was pretty much nothing else to drink(save tap water and trust me, tap water here is balls), so I ran to the store real fast to get some.

I've updated my horrible sketch with an actual Google Map screenshot (I've blurred out street names, for my own protection. Don't need any stalkers!). The red dot is my house. The [X] is the strange chain length box I mentioned before. The greed stuff is the trees. The blue X is where I was at, when this all went down and the black X is what I saw this time(as opposed to last time. My old sketch is still up, if you want to see that.)

I was walking across the empty lot behind the small little cage when I see something at the far edge of the opposite woods. This would be the upper area in the diagram: the black lines indicate the curb that's right there. This whole lot, you see, is paved: it's the back side area for the grocery store, and several other stores. Right as I'm getting behind that cage, is when I noticed it(I'm not sure if that's relevant or not. It's the second time I've been there, that I've seen something).

Now, the last time I saw something, I know that I saw the form of a tall man, wearing a suit. Okay. That's cool. At the time, I didn't get a good look at him as he was quite a ways away from me, and I, personally, am about as blind as a bat. It would stand to reason that if I couldn't see him well in broad daylight, it's going to be harder in the dark, and I'll admit that, to a degree, it was harder, but...not because it was dark.

In my last post, I discussed the Slenderman, and all of the reading I've done up on him. I know what people say the Slenderman looks like. I know what to expect, but...what I saw was like...I don't know, the Slenderman in disguise? The Slenderman's older brother? I don't know.

It was a tall man (seriously tall. I've got good spacial perception, and I would guess that this man was easily over seven feet tall), wearing a black suit(I noticed his tie was red. Deep, rich red, like...bricks). But the weird thing was his face. Do you remember how, in school or something, when you watched a movie on an overhead? Or if your teacher used the overhead projector? And how, if they stood in front of it, it would project the image onto them? That is what his face was like. His face didn't look real, as if someone was just throwing an image on it. But it wasn't just his face. This man had hair, too - insanely long black hair, all the way down to the ground, almost.

He was far enough away from you that I can't give you exact details about his features - I don't know how big his nose was, you know? - but I remember his eyes, because they didn't seem like eyes at all. It was like he had two holes, where his eyes should've been, that were black.

--And before people start saying I saw some Masky bullshit, no. It wasn't like that. Masky is clearly wearing a mask, with black around the eyeholes. This wasn't like that. This was more like he didn't have eyes at all, but just holes in his face.

I had to have stood there ten minutes, not moving, watching this thing. I was afraid that if I moved, he'd hear me and then it would so be on. He/It/Whatever never so much as looked in my direction, though. It watched the sky, though. I don't know if he was just fucking stargazing or looking for UFOs to take him back to the mothership, or what, but I heard that sound again. That toothgrating, high-pitched warbling sound. It wasn't quite as bad this time, though - it was almost like it was two sounds, this time. There was the annoying sound, and another ....I don't know, hollow sound. It sort of reminded me of the very deep, empty sound of funeral bells. It was surprisingly sombre and sorta sad.

After about ten minutes or so, the suit-wearing dude just turned around and walked into that copse of trees right there. I'm pretty sure that was the longest ten minutes of my life, too. I was so sure that he was going to turn and look at me and then chase me home. I'm not entirely sure I'd've outrun him, either.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Months of nothing. Months of no sightings, no speculation. I had all but forgotten the strange man I saw out behind my house back in August.  Not that I didn't do research. I'd heard all these stories, all these rumors. I looked into the whole Marble Hornets thing and I have to say that I extend serious sympathy to those guys - all of them! - for what they are having to deal with.

For a while, I thought that what they were dealing with was what I'd seen. I thought that I had some huge, tall, faceless beast in the woods beside my house - or there was some thinny there, but no.

I'm pretty sure that's not what I've got. I'm not sure how to feel about that, either. How's that saying go? Better the evil you know? At least people know about the Slenderman. At least people are trying to fight that, trying to deal with that, trying to survive that. But now...

...the thing living, breathing, existing, whatever the fuck you want to call it, behind my house? It's not the Slenderman.

My monster has a face.

I don't care for it much. Not much at all.